August 21, 2007

Technology Beckons...


So if a blog wasn't enough, we've really gone and done it -

The Podium is on MySpace.

While the blog will live here, it just gives us another way to bring all of our "socially networked" friends together. Quite a few artists here in the Twin Cities and around the country use MySpace to good effect. From making contacts to booking gigs - it is a powerful tool for the working musician.

In fact, the folks at Electronic Musician published a nice overview last year of what MySpace has to offer musicians today. Check it out here...

So go ahead and send us a friend request. While you are there, check out the tunes on the music player. These will change regularly to give you something extra to enjoy. You can check out some of our friend's pages too - if you're reading this, you'll likely find some musicians there that really click for you.


Mark your calenders!

September 15th is the Discover Dinkytown Block Party...more information to follow.

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