August 29, 2007

Dinkyfest Details...

The Podium will be having a sale and giving away guitars during Dinkyfest.

Giving away? Guitars? Plural - with an "s" - more than one?


To clarify, there will be many things on sale in the store, with discounts ranging from 5-50%. In addition, we will be giving away some guitars.

So come out and celebrate Dinkyfest with us!

September 15th, with festivities starting at around noon. The good folks at The Blarney will be hosting a beer garden, and there will be a stage with live music on the block.

While the times and order of appearance have yet to be finalized, here is the lineup that will be performing:

Dakota Dave Hull and Phil Heywood

Spider John Koerner
and Tony Glover

A Night in the Box

One for the Team

Bascom Hill

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