August 28, 2007

Roots, Rags, & Blues

Minnesota fingerstylist extraordinaire (and longtime friend of The Podium) Tim Sparks has recently released Roots, Rags, & Blues.

This unique and interactive set of lessons for intermediate and advanced fingerstyle guitarists comes on two CD-ROMs (Mac or Windows) and covers a range of material presented as 40 full-length video lessons. Included on the discs are text overviews, practice tracks, standard notation and interactive Power Tab so you can "see" and "hear" the tab and notation played out at any tempo.

To learn more about Tim's new collection of interactive lessons, visit Acoustic Guitar Workshop.

If you haven't heard Tim's playing before, check out his take on the classic Victory Rag.

Tim's MySpace page is a great place to hear and download some of the other tracks from the Roots, Rags, & Blues collection.

Speaking of MySpace...if you haven't stopped by our little corner of the social network universe, please do!

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