August 23, 2007

A Day Late and a Dollar Short...

I feel remiss in my duties...
YESTERDAY, August 22nd, was the opening of the 8th Annual Sound Unseen festival.

In their own words...

"Sound Unseen is a festival for music lovers which is based in Mpls and now tours the world. Music documentaries, rare concert footage, and interactive cinema is showcased alongside live music from new bands and musicians who we think will make an impact."

The festival runs from August 22nd through August 26th. There are plenty of great acts playing, and a number of interesting looking films.

A few that caught my attention:
The Old, Weird America: Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music
Holy Modal Rounders: Bound to Lose
Anita O’Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer
You’re Gonna Miss Me (about (in)famous Austinite Roky Erickson)

I know the dates overlap with "The Great Minnesota Get-Together"; but the rides, cheese curds, pronto-pups, and [insert favorite food] on-a-stick will still be there through Labor Day.

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