August 17, 2007

Liza Jane

Old-Time string band music is alive and well in the Twin Cities. Or I guess I should say New-Time:

Pert Near Sandstone is a new-timey string band from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, established in 2003. They play a hard-driving acoustic music in the old-time vein, but with a fresh sense and new-time urban grit. Pert Near approaches the American stringband tradition with reverence, infusing their own ideas and character to deliver a sound and style uniquely their own. In Pert Near's songwriting there is as much depth and diversity (and often quirkiness) as their traditional material.
In full disclosure, Nate Sipe - a fine mandolin player and fiddler - is not only part of the band, but one of the talented musicians working here at The Podium.

Check out this video of Nate and Pert' Near banjo picker Kevin Kniebel playing Liza Jane, right here at the store:

(and yes, it's OK to peek over the fella's shoulders to see the nice guitars...)

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