October 28, 2007

New Photograph

Thanks to Kevin at The Podium, we now have a new photograph for the blog.

Above the box to join our mailing list (hint, hint) you will see a close-up of a Waverly tuning machine. In the reflection you can see other guitars in the shop. I can't quite make out the most prominent guitar, but I think (as does Kevin) that it is likely a Tippin.

Kevin has been handling all of the photographic duties for The Podium website lately and he is doing a great job.

Many people have asked -

"What is that piece that is playing during the audio clips of the guitars?"

Again, thanks have to go to Kevin. It's his own composition, and he plays and records the clips himself. It is a great selection, as it really shows off the nature of each instrument, from both a fingerstyle and flat-picked perspective.

To learn more about the process that is used to record the clips - visit here.

Great job Kevin, all around.

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