October 15, 2007

Huss and Dalton 00-SP

Being around a bunch of world-class guitars everyday has an effect on one's hearing. When somebody is playing a guitar in the back of the shop, you start thinking things like -

Which dreadnought is that? Is that the Collings' OM with the Adirondack top? Mahogany sure sounds different than rosewood...

And so on.

All of the guitars have a sonic personality. Sure, the guitars of a particular builder will possess certain aural similarities. As will guitars of a certain size.

But each individual guitar from each builder sounds at least a little bit different than the very same model from the very same builder. It's like a family. Similar features, a shared lineage, but no two fingerprints are the same.
So where am I going with this?

This guitar tricks me. Often.

The bass is big and defined. Dreadnought big, without being floppy at all. The mids jump out like the mids on a great OM. The guitar is really, really loud. The top end chimes up and down the neck. You can back off, or hit it hard and it does what you expect it to do...only better.

Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton are in the tenth year of making guitars and banjos under their own name in Stauton, Virginia.

This guitar is one the best (and quite possibly, the very best) OO sized instrument that I've ever heard.

See it and hear it...here!

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