November 1, 2007

Phil Jones / AAD Cub AG-100

The folks at AAD / Phil Jones have a winner on their hands, and we are happy to have this new amp here at The Podium!

The CUB AG-100 is a 100 watt, Solid State class A/B amplifier voiced for acoustic instruments. (It also does a tremendous job at amplifying an archtop jazz box with a magnetic pickup as Dave Roos proved with his custom Ted Megas guitar!)

At only 11 pounds, this micro-amp isn't a burden to carry, but don't think you are sacrificing tone - it has it for days.

On the flattering side of neutral and not at all clinical sounding, this amp is really brings out the best of a variety of pickup systems - under saddle and soundboard transducers, magnetic soundhole pickups, internal microphones, and any combination thereof.

The amp features a single input, with an option -10dB pad to accommodate either high-output active pickups or external preamps. It isn't noisy at all, with a better than 95dB signal to noise ratio, and with a 100 watts, it has headroom to spare.

It works around the world without the need for power switching or external step transformers. It also features a useful 3 band EQ, balanced line out with a ground lift, FX send and return, and a preamp out.

Feeding the preamp out of one AG-100 into the input of a second AG-100 (with the -10dB pad engaged) gives you a flexible option for situations where more volume and expanded directionality might be wanted.

They even include a rugged, padded gig bag, and an extra-long IEC cable (eliminating the need for an extension cord under most circumstances.

I'm not sure how they did it, but for the price it is the best sounding amp in its class.

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