November 19, 2007

Goodall to a Good Home

It isn't uncommon for a customer to call The Podium for directions. While Minneapolis is a reasonably easy city to navigate, many of our out-of-town customers make a special trip to the shop while in town on business, vacation, or just passing through. Given the recent demise of the 35W bridge, even regular customers can find the trip to the shop a little challenging, particularly those folks driving in from locations south of the city.

So, when Edward Suh called the shop last Thursday, asking for directions from the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport, it didn't seem at all unusual. He wanted to make use of the local public transit system, so I pulled up directions on the transit website, and helped him plan the trip using a combination of our light rail and bus network. My assumption was that he wanted to visit the store while in town for some other purpose.

When I arrived at work on Friday, Edward was grinning, as evidenced in the picture, and enjoying many of the lovely guitars that grace the walls of The Podium.

What was unique, is that Edward's trip had a singular purpose - a visit to The Podium! He flew in via the red-eye from La Cresenta, CA and had visions of Goodalls in his mind as he waited patiently from around 5:00am until the store opened at 11:00.

Well, Edwards trip was a success - and a lovely Goodall Concert Jumbo is now in good hands.

Thanks for the visit Edward, and we wish you many happy years with a lovely guitar. We hope your return trip went smoothly, and that the Goodall is acclimating to sunny Cali-for-ni-a... it gets to miss out on a Minnesota winter, which is more than I can say for the rest of us!

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