September 1, 2007

The Old is New Again

Sometimes, despite being surrounded by guitars from some of the best small builders out there, you come across something really amazing from the "old guard".

C.F. Martin & Co.

I guess amazing means something different to everyone, but I call it a fair term to describe the Ditson 111.

Not a dreadnought, but The Dreadnaught...

Modeled after Martin's 1924 predecessor to the 12-fret D-18, this Adirondack and Mahogany delight has a beautiful voice and an incredible feel. A big, yet balanced sounding guitar.

And it is big. The modified V neck is quite generous, the 1-7/8" nut width is hardly narrow, and the 2-3/8" spacing at the saddle gives plenty of room to move.

There is something special about the way the forward shifted bracing and 12-fret neck design impacts the voice of the instrument. This guitar is loud, with a clear bass and sweet midrange. The trebles are silky, bright, but not at all harsh.

It is one of those rare guitars, that when new, you don't immediately ponder what the guitar will sound like when it "ages" or "opens up".

Chalk one up for summer starts to wind down, this one is out of the park.

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