September 12, 2007

Bob Brozman's Lumière

Listed as the the Bob Brozman Orchestra, it is hard not to chuckle when a careful inspection of the cover reveals a composite image of many fez-wearing Brozmans, each holding a different instrument.

Unlike the solo releases of the past, or world music outings with luminaries of the various genres Bob explores, Lumière is a multi-tracked masterpiece of improvisation.

The construction of each piece begins with a small solo instrument, perhaps a charango or baglama, and sometimes an accompanying percussion instrument played by Daniel. The intention is to capture a fresh, improvisational foundation that evolves organically throughout the recording process. Subsequent parts are improvised in reaction to previously recorded parts. Arrangements are conceived as they are being performed. Timbres and rhythms interact serendipitously to produce new colours, shedding light on new musical frontiers. Richly orchestrated parts emerge from a lexicon of musclememories. This is my work, this is my life.

Bob Brozman

The end result is a whirling adventure that demonstrates the common thread between the music of various cultures, the thread that is the core of Brozman's ethnomusicological philosophy.

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